Saturday, March 5, 2016

Breaking the Silence -- An Open Letter

OK, this one is for the Regressives and the Trump Supporters.  Consider this a direct challenge to your collective manhood, because I genuinely don’t understand the Orwellian Double-Think logic behind your support of Trump.

Please enlighten me as to where registering, rounding up and deporting millions of people -- based solely on their ethnicity or religion, with NO logistical guide for how to distinguish between a citizen and non-citizen aside from grabbing people off the street and demanding to see their papers -- constitutes liberty when that same policy is the possible end result of a slippery slope people have been screaming in terror of for nearly a decade as a manifestation of tyranny when it comes tolethal weapons.

Or are these policies OK when they target Muslims or Hispanics (or Jews, for that matter), but NOT OK when they target White Christians?   If you feel this is so, then you’re endorsing a double-standard when people are unequal under the law.

Let's set a single standard here.  What’s it going to be? 

Please enlighten me as to why you Trump supporters are perfectly fine with placing your trust in a man who's lied to them more than Hillary Clinton, whom you feel is "untrustworthy" for the many times she's lied to us.

Plus, he's endorsed by the greatest domestic terrorist group in US History, which means that everyone who's supporting him is choosing to side with card-carrying racists and Neo-Nazis.

Please explain to me why this racist, fascist con-man is the best candidate for any country, let alone our own. 

Given all that, you don’t have much of a leg to stand on tell me I’m out of line for calling a proverbial spade a spade here.  Nobody would be wrong to join me in that condemnation.  I’m quite factually telling it like it is.

How can a person be intelligent and compassionate and still subscribe to a proven liar out to round up millions of people based solely on their ethnicity or religion?